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California energy efficiency standards, known as Title 24, were established to reduce energy waste and costs and to improve residents comfort. The codes are updated every three years to ensure the incorporation of new technologies. According to California energy efficiency standards, a permit for constructing new residential and commercial buildings, making additions and alterations is not issued unless you have a proof of compliance with these codes. 

The Calgreen checklist is also required on different types of projects. Our staff can get you your permit plans, checklist, and inspector sign off quickly. We will help you understand how to reduce the costs associated with your CalGreen permit.  Our process ensures professional and economical permit documents and an itemized checklist for construction by making sure certain job site measures are taken i.e: testing moisture content of lumber before close in, managing job site waste and recycling to minimize landfill deposits, verifying water saving fixtures and promoting public transit.


Basically, we can handle all of this for you.

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